Save a Chrome Shortcut for others

Create a shortcut in Chrome for your desktop as you normally would. Make sure to check the “Open as window” if you want it to open in it’s own window. When the window opens click the 3 vertical dots and then click “Copy URL” Right click on your new shortcut and select “properties”. Add aContinue reading “Save a Chrome Shortcut for others”

Flagler County Plants a Crop Every Month of the Year

Flagler County has an interesting and greatly varied agriculture. Not only is the soil adapted to a large number of different crops, but the year round growing seasons makes it possible to grow from two to four crops on the same ground during the same year. Flagler county farmland never lie idle. Fall, winter, springContinue reading “Flagler County Plants a Crop Every Month of the Year”

Buy Honey And Help Make The World A Better Place

Home View Original honeyparramore kidz Black Bee Honey is a non-profit business founded by the youth in Parramore Kidz Zone, a program launched by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. Buy Our Honey Online Palmetto This honey is from the Saw Palmetto, which takes 100 years to grow large enough for bees to make use ofContinue reading “Buy Honey And Help Make The World A Better Place”