How To Create 10 Microsoft Excel Animations

Excel Rollercoaster AnimationExcel is the best app to make spreadsheets, manage data records and create all kind of forms, but  it hides some simple graphing tools that will let you create cool Microsoft Excel animations. Want to know how? The YouTube has the key once more!

We all know how Excel has become our go-to guy whenever we need spreadsheets done in an instant. Excel has truly changed the way we can manage data records with its analytical tools, calculation, pivot tables, and graphing tools. Excel can also help us creates lists and forms that can truly help businesses with its inventory management and budgeting. The uses of Excel go on and on, but did you know that besides all these benefits, Excel can also let you create simple animations and more?

True enough. We showed you last week how to learn Excel via 10 YouTube channels. But we’ve scoured YouTube even more  to bring you the coolest animations created through Microsoft Excel. Most videos offer a step-by-step tutorial as to how the animation was done, as well as screenshots. If you need a quick walkthrough on how to create amazinganimations using Excel, read on.

1.Create a Simple Animation Girl. Ah, Japanese Animation. Yes, you can definitely create your dream anime character using Excel. Watch how Excel’s simple tools allow you to draw an anime girl, in detail.

2.Drawing a Car, Via Excel. Need a simple car animation? Why not use Excel? Created through the use of Excel’s drawing tools and additional 3D beveling options, it definitely proves how Excel can be fun, too.

3.A Family of Speedometers! Whoever thought that you can create a speedometer using Excel! EngineeringFun actually shares a lot of nifty things you can do with Excel, including this one.

4. 3 Animations Using Excel Charts and Macro. If you want to see an “Unlucky Planet Gobbled by a Star”, a “Pump Filling Up a Tank”, and an Excel abstract drawing, then this is for you. Through the use of Excel charts and a macro that runs the counter making animation possible, this is one cool Excel video you shouldn’t miss.

5. Excel Animation Techniques. Pendulums, lightning crashes, that really familiar Matrix “Digital Rain”… these are animations you can do with Excel.

6. Planetary Motion Simulator. If you love playing around with Excel’s VBA function and macros then you can probably recreate a Planetary Motion Simulator, as seen on this video.

7. A Flight Simulator Based on Real PhysicsThis video is a real visual treat–watch as the video gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create a flight simulator based on real physics on Excel.

8. 3D Animated Rollercoaster. Yet again, Excel has more surprises on its sleeve as we stumbled upon this video that shows us how a 3D animated rollercoaster can be made using Excel.

9. Octal Planetary System Model. Excel is actually a great way to re-create planetary systems, and if you’re patient enough, perhaps you can creating an Octal Planetary System Model through this step-by-step tutorial.

10. Pong! We’ve saved the best for last–yes, a Pong-inspired game using Microsoft Excel. This video walks you through a set of instructions and some Excel functions that will allow you to bring this classic game back to life using Microsoft Excel.




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