​Ode to a booger

Warning, graphic detail and intense drama.

I woke early this morning from a deep sleep and discovered that the breathing through my left nostril was obstructed by a booger. 

To my surprise and immediate dismay it somehow tickled the inside of my nose, causing my too sneeze. Normally this would not be a particular problem but at that time I was conducting a full fingered inspection of the other nostril.

Now what happens next can only be described as a wildly aimed cannon shot as this green gooey projectile exited my nose at unprecedented speeds disappearing into the still black darkness of my room. 

To my wife’s dismay I thought it a aportoon time to conduct a search for this green monstrosity. Hoping to find the wayward booger before needing to explain any further, I quitely conducted a seamingly intense, but quite investigation that I supposed any homiced detective would have been impressed by; I confined my search to the bedroom and even just outside the door. Fully believing at the time it had ricocheting capabilities.

Sadly I have to report that I have not found any evidence of my booger. I do not know how this can be? 

At one time, when we still had the golden retrievers I would have chalked it up to our dogs thinking that it was a snack or for that matter a wayward cat treat. 

The object itself was not particularly aerodynamic and in fact I think that the texture and composition would have created more drag, but who knows maybe not.

I will continue to conduct my investigation, but at this point have lost hope in ever concluding. Who nose though just like one of those CSI shows maybe one day while clearing a portion of our room I will come across the remains of my booger. 

Image courtesy of: http://www.thehealthyarchive.info

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