Underwater “Lost City” Built by Microbes? – Scientific American

Geologists find that ancient underwater structures off Greece were likely created by methane jets and bacteria By Shannon Hall on June 3, 2016 Microbes in the sediment use carbon in the methane as a fuel, which alters the chemistry of the sediment and forms a natural cement. Over time currents erode softer surrounding sediment, revealingContinue reading “Underwater “Lost City” Built by Microbes? – Scientific American”

Free Online Raster to Vector Converter

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Part II, BBQ – The Most Surprising BBQ Taste Boosters

The Most Surprising BBQ Taste Boosters Barbecue’s one of the more tradition-bound cuisines in the world — it’s part of what makes it so special — but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for tips & tricks to separate your giant hunks of meat from the pack. We hit up experts in the field forContinue reading “Part II, BBQ – The Most Surprising BBQ Taste Boosters”