Part II, BBQ – The Most Surprising BBQ Taste Boosters

The Most Surprising BBQ Taste Boosters Barbecue’s one of the more tradition-bound cuisines in the world — it’s part of what makes it so special — but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for tips & tricks to separate your giant hunks of meat from the pack. We hit up experts in the field forContinue reading “Part II, BBQ – The Most Surprising BBQ Taste Boosters”

Tattoo Artist Covers Bodies with Sacred Geometry and Mythological Animals

Jaya Suartika is an Australian tattoo artist who adorns his patrons in geometric patterns, animals, and fragmented mythological images that deftly challenge the assumption that nobody ever uses geometry beyond junior high school math. Using strong black lines and high contrast, Suartika’s meticulous attention to detail emerges in his figures and his shading. “I’m aContinue reading “Tattoo Artist Covers Bodies with Sacred Geometry and Mythological Animals”

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