Great cheap dinners

Great cheap dinners
Cheap recipes don’t have to use pre-packaged foods or boring ingredients. These cheap and easy recipes let you enjoy budget meals with pizazz. You’ll find recipes here with beans, chicken, beef and more.

Sloppy Joes Recipe

Not only are sloppy joes a great cheap recipe, they’re fun, easy and kid-pleasing, too. What more could you want? More »

Baked Ziti with Spinach - © Sam Stowell/Getty Images
Baked Ziti with Spinach. © Sam Stowell/Getty Images

Baked Ziti with Spinach

This baked ziti recipe makes clever use of frozen spinach souffle — it goes right in the casserole. This baked ziti one of those cheap recipes that’s tasty enough to serve to company. More »

Salmon Patties Recipe - Stephanie Gallagher
Salmon Patties. Stephanie Gallagher

Salmon Patties Recipe

Canned salmon is not only cheap, it’s uber-healthy, and these salmon patties are a great way to enjoy it. If you can’t find Panko bread crumbs (or they’re too expensive), feel free to use homemade fresh bread crumbs (tear 1-2 slices of day-old bread into pieces, then pulse in a blender or food processor). More »

beef fried rice - Stephanie Gallagher
Beef Fried Rice. Stephanie Gallagher

Beef Fried Rice Recipe

Fried rice is a terrific way to use leftover rice and vegetables. In this cheap recipe for fried rice, you can use leftover beef from beef stew or frozen cooked beef, such as Trader Joe’s carne asada. More »

Taco Ring Recipe - Stephanie Gallagher
Taco Ring. Stephanie Gallagher

Taco Ring Recipe

This taco ring recipe is a classic for busy cooks who want to eat cheap. Made with crescent roll dough and ground beef, this cheap recipe is a real kid-pleaser, too.More »

Chicken Parmesan Recipe - Stephanie Gallagher
Chicken Parmesan. Stephanie Gallagher

Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Whenever chicken breasts are on sale, I stock up. And whenever I can’t figure out what to do with them, my family asks for this chicken parmesan. It’s cheap and easy, and everybody loves it. More »

cheap recipes - spaghetti pizza recipe - Stephanie Gallagher
Spaghetti Pizza. Stephanie Gallagher

Spaghetti Pizza Recipe

Like a baked spaghetti recipe, this spaghetti pizza is one of my “go to” cheap recipes for busy weeknights. The kids love it, and it’s hardly any work at all to throw together. Top with your favorite pizza toppings, if desired.
See also: Spaghetti Recipes for Every Day of the WeekMore »

Chicken Fingers - Stephanie Gallagher
Chicken Fingers. Stephanie Gallagher

Chicken Fingers

These chicken fingers are crispy, just like the ones you’d find in restaurants, but this recipe is cheaper and healthier, because the chicken fingers are pan-fried, not deep-fried. If Panko bread crumbs are expensive where you live, just take a few pieces of stale bread and pulse in a blender. Voila – bread crumbs just like Panko! More »

cheap recipes - Mexican Quesadillas - Stephanie Gallagher
Mexican Quesadillas. Stephanie Gallagher

Mexican Quesadillas Recipe

With just five ingredients, these Mexican quesadillas are one of those cheap, easy recipes you’ll find yourself making again and again. Serve with tomato salsa,guacamole and chili con queso. More »

Sausage Potato Frittata Recipe - Stephanie Gallagher
Sausage Potato Frittata. Stephanie Gallagher

Sausage Potato Frittata Recipe

Breakfast for dinner is a cheap, fun way to mix things up. This sausage potato frittata is made with turkey sausage, frozen hash browns, eggs and cheese, and it all bakes in one cast iron skillet. Easy! More »




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