Who needs Refrigeration

Since coming onto the scene in the late 19th century, modern refrigeration has made a bunch of great things possible — we’re talking ice cream, lager beer, strawberries in December, meat that doesn’t kill you, the list goes on. But those early ice-chipping inventors never could have fathomed just how reliant modern Americans would become […]

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Healthy Snacks That Keep You Full

Snacking between meals is no big deal, but it’s tricky. Lots of foods out there will leave you feeling unsatisfied in no time and prone to eating more and putting on pounds later. “People think that for [good] metabolism you have to eat all through the day, but that’s a complete myth,” says Kimberly Gomer, […]

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Great cheap dinners

Great cheap dinners Cheap Recipes That Are So Much Better Than Fast Food kidscooking.about.com Cheap recipes don’t have to use pre-packaged foods or boring ingredients. These cheap and easy recipes let you enjoy budget meals with pizazz. You’ll find recipes here with beans, chicken, beef and more. •Sloppy Joes Recipe Not only are sloppy joes […]

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